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  • Posted on March 16, 2013 at 6:57 pm


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Free Dating Websites

  • Posted on October 10, 2012 at 8:22 am

Many on line dating websites may claim to be the DatingSearcher. The DatingSearcher makes a true claim once you find a successfull date. You may find a successfull date through the dates listed across the DatingSearcher or through dating websites rated as being amongst the best dating websites in the World.

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Search Dating Site websites and find your soul mate, lover or friend…

  • Posted on September 21, 2012 at 2:21 am

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Online Dating

  • Posted on August 16, 2012 at 8:32 am

Finding love is hard, and some may say that even after you think you found it , whether in a friend, or online, or at school, work, you still have to date that person? What is dating in the end? Well, it’s that time before you start not knowing how to define your relationship. I would say the first few months you are dating a person.

Many say they are dating even years after they met. I say they are scared to admit they are close to getting married, or join lives in one way or the other. It’s either that, or they are stuck in a “dating forever” relationship. Some people love this time of constant dates, when everyone is trying to impress everyone, when some pre established rules are followed and everything is simple and light. You go out for dinner, a movie; you go to the park, maybe visit some museums, theaters, galleries, share your interests and try to discover all the great things you and your loved one have in common.  Everything should be smooth sailing at this stage, and if it isn’t you can always back out and simply stop going on dates with that person. It’s easy to explain to your friends and parents since online dating is usually regarded lightly.

You might be dating for months and months before anyone expects you to define the relationship you are in. There are some people that even accept the dating period of the relationship as non exclusive. My piece of mind on dating is this: the way you date, and for how long you remain in the dating stage sais a lot about where you are in your relationship and where you can expect to be in the future. So if you are dating, look upon it, and try to see the future in it.

A Few Quick Tips to Dating Success

  • Posted on December 19, 2011 at 10:31 pm

Sometimes the biggest barrier people find when it comes to dating is the initial approach and how to make a good impression. People find it difficult to strike a balance between showing your interested and over interest. Ever heard the saying ‘nice guys finish last’? It is a cliche, not because of over use, but because it is true.

Advice for Boys:

Nice guys finish last because women like guys that have a bit of an edge. If a man is too nice he either falls into the ‘friend’ category, or women become disinterested because there is no challenge anymore.

By the same token, the school yard trick of being mean to the girl you like is not going to lead to dating success either. Often jokes will be taken too far and you will end up offending her and blowing your chances.

You must find a healthy balance between being stand-offish and appearing to be a challenge, and being respectful and attentive to a girl when you first start dating.

Approaching Women in the Bar:

First impressions with women are very important and despite popular belief, offering to buy a girl a drink is not a sure fire way to get a girls attention. This trick usually leads to girls abusing your generosity or getting the impression you are only after a good time, not a long time. Instead of offering to by a drink or dancing with her without asking, try striking up a conversation.

The initial approach you make will also determine how successful you will be. Never approach a girl if she only has one friend with her in a bar. Whether she is interested or not, she cannot leave her friend out so you will be unsuccessful. The best is to approach a girl that is in a group of four or more – guys often avoid this because it is too intimidating but you will get instant respect from the girl and her friends if you do. Regardless of how you are feeling, this approach will make you appear very confident and girls find this quality attractive. You also need to make sure in this situation you pick a specific girl you are interested in. If you approach the group with an open invitation to any of them who are willing, your chances of maintaining their respect or making them feel special plummet.